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My name is Robert Scott Bean, but a lot of people call me RSB for short.  I'm 35 years old, but I look like a 15-year-old with a receding hairline.  I'm from Charleston, South Carolina.  I'm obsessed with pop culture and the horror genre.  When I'm not playing video games or binge-watching the latest must-see show on Netflix, you can find me at the cinema watching pretty much every movie that comes out.  Thank you, MoviePass!  My favorite movie is Scream, but I think the original Halloween is the scariest movie of all time.

I'm excited to be the head writer for The Horror Reporter because I feel like there are too many aspiring writers who sacrifice their voice when they write.  I'm not a fan of this because every article you read comes across like it could've been written by anyone and then nobody stands out.  I think it's important for your personality to shine through in your work.  You can count on my personality being a part of every single thing that I write.  You couldn't stop it if you tried.

Meggy Blaine
My name is Meggy Blaine; I'm 28 years old, and I love the horror genre.  Halloween is, of course, my favorite holiday, and I consider myself to be a Halloween enthusiast.  My nickname is Scream Queen.  I'm married with two awesome step-children.  I work for an agency that books celebrity talent into conventions like Comic-Con, HorrorHound, etc.  I fell in love with the horror genre at the age of 6.  My brother used to force me to watch horror movies like Jaws, Child's Play, etc. while he babysat me.  At first, I was terrified but began to love the thrill of being scared and finding out what would happen next.

Since then, I can't get enough horror!  My top 5 favorite horror films are Scream (1996), Halloween (1978), The Amityville Horror (1979), Maniac (2012) and Dead Silence (2007).  I want to contribute to The Horror Reporter by bringing my knowledge of the convention scene to fellow fans with tips and information.  I also want to share my opinions of current and past horror films/TV shows, along with what's coming up next in the genre.

Nick Meece
My name is Nick Meece, I'm 31 years old and I've been creating and running websites since February 2000 (horror blog).  I'm an avid horror fan but allow me to elaborate just a little.  Personally, I'm not into zombies, vampires, ghosts and most every "supernatural" horror sub-genre.  Slashers are my main squeeze.  Specifically "whodunit" slashers.  Scream (duh), Cherry Falls and Cry_Wolf are just a few of my absolute favorites.

Scary movies took hold of me at a young age.  Leprechaun was the first movie to truly frighten me (I was 6 at the time).  Dream Warriors was the first A Nightmare on Elm Street film I saw at the age of 11.  Halloween has always been held as the alpha omega of all horror films in my household.  And my next door neighbor's mother held me down and forced me to watch the opening sequence of Scream (it scared the living shit out of 9-year-old me) -- something which I'm truly grateful for now.

My goal for The Horror Reporter is to create a place for authors to express their true, unfiltered feelings for the world of horror -- whether that be news, rumors, reviews or anything horror related (video games, TV shows, etc.). I not only want The Horror Reporter to act as a writer's platform, but I also want it to be a cool place to stop by and read and gather new information.


Happy Birthday, Alan Wake!

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