Official 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer Makes It’s Debut

With just a little more than a week until 13 Reasons Why’s highly anticipated second season hits Netflix, fans can finally check out a full-length trailer.

The last time we saw Clay Jensen, it seemed like he was finally starting to pick up the pieces after his life was shattered by the tragic suicide of Hannah Baker. His classmates, however, weren’t so lucky as their worlds were rocked by being publicly outed as playing a part in Hannah’s death in the tapes she left behind.

In season two, it seems as if Clay isn’t going to be able to move on as peacefully as he had hoped and his classmates and those who were apart of Hannah’s life are going to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Also, we’ll be hearing their sides of the story for the first time as the first season focused mostly on what Hannah had to say.

Was Hannah telling the truth?

Are there two sides to every story?

Find out when 13 Reasons Why returns on May 18th. Until then, check out the brand new trailer below.



Happy Birthday, Alan Wake!

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